Isn’t the world of modern marketing great?

Now, instead of having to worry about just one kind of content—like written articles—you also have to worry about podcasts, videos and infographics.

How is one content marketer supposed to do it all? And how do you get the budget you need to make it all happen?

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Why SEO is your secret weapon

Picking your core content type always starts with your audience. Then decide how much time you have to produce other content types to complement the core content. And verify that have the resources to do so.

But here’s something critical: SEO is a factor in all of this decision making because of mobile and voice search.

Text search and mobile search will return different results, even if the results are still provided visually. If you search for “How to tie a tie,” you’ll get:

  • Desktop: Written steps
  • Mobile: Video
  • Voice assistant: Reading steps out loud

Writing articles or making videos is just not enough anymore. In order to rank high for search, you need lots of different types of content to satisfy your audience’s needs, as well as their context. 

This ebook can give you a leg up in the world of content. Based on our popular game, “Elevate Your Content,” this ebook will give you valuable tips on how to produce infographics, videos, long-form content, quizzes, social media posts and more.

Download our free ebook: Pick the Right Content Type

Make good choices about which content types to choose. Don’t forget the rule of 4—for every core idea, you’ll need written, video, graphic and audio content to satisfy the different learners in your audiences.


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