Remember billboards? Some of us aren’t lucky enough to forget. Because our executives are still asking us to buy ad space on them.

Sometimes, it seems like Facebook ads are the new billboards: We’re spending money on ads that don’t necessarily help us achieve our goals.

A Facebook ad only goes so far. If we don’t have powerful content to back up the ads, it doesn’t matter how many people click through.

Use your Facebook budget wisely

Facebook’s targeted ad capabilities, including Facebook Ads Custom Audiences and Facebook Recommendations, make this social media giant a great place to talk to your audience.

The problem is what happens after they click on your ad. Do you:

  • Take them to a landing page that gives them what you promised in your ad?
  • Get specific on details about your products and services?
  • Give consumers the information they really want?
  • Lead your audience on a journey where they feel your content supports and uplifts them?

If you’re spending your Facebook budget on writing and buying ads, that may be a mistake. Instead, use that budget to boost your evergreen and landing page content. Make sure it’s optimized for your customers and the conversations they want to have with you. You’ll find that you spend less time on buying ads and more on celebrating conversions!


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