The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know
The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know

Everybody and their cousin (and their friend who’s really into multi-level marketing) has a Facebook page. Which means it’s easy for a brand’s marketing efforts to get drowned out – no matter how good they are.

On Instagram, however, engagement rates remain high. One study found the platform had 58 times more engagement than Facebook. And aside from travel, influencer marketing, fashion and food, there isn’t a ton of competition to become one of the best brands on Instagram. Especially when it comes to non-lifestyle companies like those in financial services.

Could Instagram Work for You?

You might be thinking: Instagram? Isn’t that only for image-heavy industries? We wouldn’t have anything to say.

And that is the point: Because many companies have been slow to hop aboard the Instatrain, you have the potential to really poke your head above the competition.

For proof (and, OK, inspiration), look to these 8 financial services companies who are crushing the whole Instagram thing. To help you turn that inspiration into action, we’ve included Instagram marketing tips.

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Presentation is everything on Instagram. Ellevest, an investment company for women, clearly understands that.It offers a mix of content – including inspirational quotes, short profiles of “Financial Feminists,” money tips and audio clips – while retaining a cohesive look that’s clean and appealing. This thoughtful approach makes its feed a visual delight.

Instagram marketing tip: Even if you’re sharing a variety of content types, your posts should still adhere to a specific style. Avoid a jumble of fonts and colors, which can make your feed look clunky and unorganized.

Even if you’re sharing a variety of content types, your @Instagram posts should still adhere to a specific style. #MarketingTip Click To Tweet

American Express

Thanks to its hard-to-get Platinum and Black credit cards, Amex has always served as an aspirational brand. Its Instagram account evokes this feeling, too, by sharing photos of its cards in stunning locales.

Although the cards are front-and-center, the images don’t feel overly salesy. That’s because the captions focus on the exotic destinations pictured, not on Amex’s financial services.

Instagram marketing tip: The key to selling on Instagram? Not selling. Share attractive images that people connect with, allowing them to become familiar and comfortable with your brand.

The key to selling on @Instagram? Not selling. #MarketingTip Click To Tweet

Swell Investing

While consumer education plays a role in every industry, it’s of utmost importance in personal finance. That’s where impact investing firm Swell excels: It shares Instagram videos that break down financial topics into easily digestible bites.

These informative clips draw people in – whether or not they’re Swell users. And for potential customers, the videos do a good job of highlighting Swell’s value without being pushy.

Instagram marketing tip: Educating your followers is a fantastic way to build trust and demonstrate value. And using videos allows you to convey a significant amount of information in a short time.

Educating your @Instagram followers is a fantastic way to build trust & demonstrate value. #MarketingTip Click To Tweet


Personal finance doesn’t have to be boring. For proof, look to the Instagram account of Chime, a fee-free banking service. (Full disclosure: I sometimes write for Chime’s blog, but have no stake in the company.)

On Insta, Chime shares a variety of content, including quotes, tips and user stories – but the most-liked posts are its funny memes. Though these goofy posts wouldn’t work for many brands, they fit Chime’s voice – and resonate with the users Chime wants to attract.

Instagram marketing tip: Whether your brand is intellectual, playful or authoritative, stay true to it on every platform, including Instagram. Doing so will help you land followers who will hopefully turn into customers.

Whether your brand is intellectual, playful or authoritative, stay true to it on every platform, including @Instagram. #MarketingTip Click To Tweet


SoFi is a financial services company best known for its student loan refinancing service. Its channel has several helpful features (including giveaways!), but the #WhyISoFi stories really make it stand out.

Using customers’ own words, SoFi displays how it changes lives. If you were on the fence about refinancing your student loans, these powerful and intimate stories might convince you to sign up.

Instagram marketing tip: Diving into the emotional, human side of your brand can demonstrate both empathy and value. Sharing user-generated content adds an extra layer of authenticity.

Sharing user-generated content on @Instagram adds an extra layer of authenticity to your brand. #MarketingTip Click To Tweet


🍞 Meet @callieshotlittlebiscuit, small grab & go eateries inspired by @calliesbiscuits. They took over our Instagram Story—watch it on our profile. ⠀ In 2005, Carrie Morey started selling packaged frozen buttermilk biscuits made from her mother and Charleston caterer Callie White’s recipe. Thus Callie’s was born. Since, it’s been celebrated by @foodandwine, @saveurmag, and @southernlivingmag. ⠀ Fast-forward almost 10 years to Carrie opening the wildly popular Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit. The grab & go bakery started in Charleston’s Upper King District, serving cinnamon, blackberry, country ham biscuits, and more. They’ve now expanded to Atlanta, with a storefront located in the heart of historic Virginia-Highland. ⠀ So next time you’re in the south stop by Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit for a piping hot, award-winning biscuit, pimento cheese sandwich, or a range of other delicious and locally inspired breakfast, lunch, and late night treats.

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There’s no way around it: You need high-quality images on the ‘gram. Way too many brands share shoddy snaps. Even with intriguing captions, most users just scroll by.

Square, the online payment system, proves you don’t need exciting content to take a gorgeous photo. Many of its posts feature an otherwise boring piece of hardware – a point-of-sale! – and make it look good.

The company also does a great job with visual storytelling. It highlights the small businesses it supports, helping users see how Square might work for them.

Instagram marketing tip: Whatever you share on Instagram, whether it’s behind-the-scenes photos or client stories, make sure your image quality is top-notch. To take it a step further, tell the story behind the shot.

Whatever you share on @Instagram, make sure your image quality is top-notch. #MarketingTip Click To Tweet

Credit Sesame

Wondering whether you should share profiles? Or finance tips? Or just a smattering of goat memes?

Credit Sesame’s channel shows you don’t have to pick just one. This company, which offers free credit scores and monitoring, posts an engaging mix of content while always staying on brand.

Instagram marketing tip: Being brand-focused doesn’t necessarily mean focusing on only one type of content. Share a range of material, as long as it’s engaging – and supports your messaging.

Share a range of material on @Instagram, as long as it’s engaging & supports your messaging. #MarketingTip Click To Tweet


Revolut is a digital bank that doesn’t charge fees for international money transfers or ATM withdrawals. Rather than spotlighting the company itself, Revolut’s Instagram channel emphasizes what it offers users: the ability to transcend borders.

Revolut’s feed shows incredible photos from around the world. Most of the content is user-generated, as the company asks people to tag their travel photos with #Revolut. Not only do these drool-worthy images garner high engagement, but they also promote the lifestyle espoused by Revolut users.

Instagram marketing tip: If your brand doesn’t feel Instagram-worthy, look instead at the opportunities you afford your customers. Find ways to incorporate those feelings and experiences into your social storytelling.

If your brand doesn’t feel @Instagram-worthy, look instead at the opportunities you afford your customers. #MarketingTip Click To Tweet

Financial services might not be the first industry that comes to mind when you think of Instagram, but in many ways, that’s a good thing. This platform offers ample room for brands to grow, innovate and create connections – with more than a billion monthly users.

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