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SEO and Hospitals: Who is searching for you?

Your hospital finally has a digital marketing plan in place. You’re blogging, using Facebook and Twitter, and even posting videos. Now you’re probably wondering: Who is searching for us?

It’s a key question to ask. As with any marketing content, you need to tailor your social media strategies to the right audience. But if you thought social media campaigns were most effective for a younger audience of 20- and 30-somethings, the latest research in online search trends may surprise you. Take a look at these findings:

 • Men use social media to find health information more than women. 41% of males reported using some type of social media platform for healthcare purposes compared to 25% of females, according to a consumer survey recently published in a report by PwC’s Health Research Institute.

Women are still more likely to make health care decisions for their family. However, when you consider how much web space is devoted to women’s health issues, it’s fair to question whether men are performing successful searches. Does your website address health topics of interest to men? Have you considered what those may be? Are they easy to find? Think about prostate health, sports medicine and even male fertility.

 • Baby Boomers are hungry for health information they can research online. When you consider the independent, take-charge spirit of that generation, it makes perfect sense. Baby Boomers love doing their own research and health is no different. According to this report by the Pew Research Center, 78% of Boomers (or, more specifically, adults ages 46 to 64) search for health topics online, a figure that’s inching remarkably close to their younger counterparts. 85% of Millenials (adults ages 18 to 32) go online for health searches.

Consider the top risk factors for the Baby Boomer generation, such as diabetes and heart disease, and other topics useful to adults who may be caring for elderly parents. Does your website address these issues?

In total, 80% of adults in the U.S. are looking online for health information, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project. What are they looking for? Pew’s latest report on online health searches tells us. Take a look at their findings: they put together great summary charts for at-a-glance data you can use in your next conversation with your digital marketing team.

At Aha Media Group, we’re constantly using information about who your users are so we can craft better content for your organization. Part of our digital strategy and writing workshops focus on creating user personas so you can effectively target your core consumer audience. By knowing your audience, you can better design content that answers their questions and gets them through the doors of your hospital.

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