Marketers live and die by the numbers… at least that’s what I’m told.

I haven’t found it to be true in my experience. In fact, I would argue that we live in a culture of deniability when it comes to data.

If you want to pull ahead in the digital strategy race, you need to take an honest look at what the numbers tell you.

7 Digital Strategy Stats You Want to Know

  1. Users open up 51 percent of all email they receive on a mobile device. Are your emails mobile ready?
  2. 25 percent of marketers spend half of their marketing budgets on content. Is your content fresh and piping hot so it can compete?
  3. For every 100,000 Facebook followers, only 130 people will click on an organic post. Gulp. Your social media content has to be engaging, relevant and stand out.
  4. Standard banner ads have a12 percent CTR. So, maybe all that ad spend isn’t working hard enough for you.
  5. 33 percent of consumers report feeling deceived upon realizing an article or video was sponsored by a brand. Be authentic and communicate up front about what you are doing.
  6. 54 percent of marketers said that bottlenecks caused by IT and web development teams are their biggest pain points. We see a lot of that too. That’s why workflow and working to communicate between silos is so important.
  7. People check their mobile phones up to 150 times a day. Is your content keeping up?

Did any of these facts surprise you? I bet they did. Knowing the stats makes you better at your job as a digital marketer.


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