When we start a web project, one of the first things we ask is, “What are the top 5 questions people have about your organization?” Then we ask, “And where are the answers on your site?” Guess what? They’re usually buried. Let’s start with why.

Transparency Leads to Vulnerability

Often, organizations are afraid to answer those first 5 questions because they feel that customers won’t want to engage after they get the answers. But addressing people’s concerns directly will lead to 2 very important things:

  1. Qualification: If people can’t afford your services, or don’t want to do business with you after learning more about you, you’ve saved your sales team loads of time in terms of qualifying leads.
  2. Education: When you tell people what they need to know, you get an educated consumer who starts to engage with you, leading to a shorter sales cycle.

I give a very popular workshop on digital writing. The page was on our website for years, and I got tons of calls. But when people heard the price ($10,000 for the day), they balked. Once I put the price on the page, I got fewer calls. But the people calling were truly interested in purchasing the workshop—they already knew the price. They just needed to talk to me on the phone to make sure I sounded like a relatively normal person, and they were ready to close the deal.

Answering your consumers’ questions is critical. Doing so right away, in a sensitive and empathetic way, is imperative. Not doing it drags down your business objectives, which no company can afford in today’s light-speed marketplace.


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