It’s that wonderful time of year again, when we look at the top hospital commercials. We gather these commercials by asking for people’s recommendations over Twitter and Facebook, as well as doing our own research using Google and YouTube.

Every year (you can see 2012 and 2013), we look for the same things:

  • Does the brand make a memorable point that’s a lasting takeaway?
  • Do they do so without using some of the same imagery we see in almost every hospital commercial?
  • Do they try and provoke an emotional response that’s appropriate?

Take a look at our choices for 2014 and let us know what you think.

#10 Sick Kids Foundation: Day 16- Danielle

If this doesn’t bring you to tears, we’re not sure what will. This is one of the best campaigns in healthcare marketing right now. Sick Kids Foundation, is in the midst of running a 45 day long video campaign. Each day it posts a 30 second video, giving you a glimpse of one of their patient’s lives. And each video ends with “Help make their tomorrow as good as your today. Together we will.”

#9 University of Virginia Children’s Hospital: A Dream of Healthier Ever After

Often hospital commercials are dramatic and intense. This commercial is upbeat with kids of all ages loving life. It ends with a positive tag line of “Our dream is for every child to be happy and healthy, always.”

#8 Virginia Hospital Center: Tower of Power

We loved that this commercial had an upbeat message using animation.  This animated campaign gets their message across that “You don’t have to be the biggest to be the best.”

#7 Tampa General Hospital: Treasure Your Family. Value Their Care

Watch a woman’s life from being born to giving birth. The ad captures milestones that remind us of how we have to cherish those precious moments and ensure we place our loved ones in good hands.

#6 Shriners Hospital for Children: Love to the Rescue: Caitlin

A dramatic patient story told by rewinding events. You witness how far Caitlin has come and how much she has accomplished. Her progress compels you to open your heart and your wallet: “Caitlin’s life is one of nearly a million changed by donations from people like you—Send your love to the rescue.”

#5 Nemours Children’s Hospital: Kids and Doctors

In split screens a child and adult each wake up “excited about the promise” of a new day. As the day progresses, they meet up as a pediatric patient and doctor stating that “great things happen” when they find each other. “Your Child. Our Promise,” is the hospital’s way of saying that they promise to care for every child as if it is their own child.

#4 Stony Brook Children’s: ER

Well done.  The boy in this commercial behaves like a typical kid bombarding an adult with a million questions. After challenging the doctor’s ability and qualifications, the doctor finally wins the argument with “I am a Stony Brook doctor, that’s my job.”

#3 BC Children’s Hospital: Phone Call

The suspense in this commercial and the feeling of watching a moment you really shouldn’t be a part of, set this commercial apart for us.

#2 Florida Hospital: 100

This commercial starts off with a dramatic beginning and has a fun upbeat ending. The TV ad ends by asking you “What do you want to do when you are 100?” and directs you to Florida Hospital’s Healthy 100 campaign, which motivates people to adopt healthy lifestyle changes.

#1 Baylor Health Care System: Serving others: It’s our calling. (Video no longer available.)

While showing all the typical hospital scenes, this script gives us an unforeseen twist.  It introduces one of the six employee values, “Servanthood–serving with an attitude of unselfish concern.” Its goal is to inspire you to serve others as well because “servants change everything.” In this case, the servants are the staff of a hospital. After watching this commercial, we felt truly inspired.

Honorable mention…Rex Express Care: Urgent Care or ER?

While we’re not sure this ever aired on the air, we think it’s a great entry.  A bunch of urgent care staff members rap an educational message about when to come to the urgent express care center.
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