It’s that time of year again—to reflect on the year that was and the year that will be. 2016 will certainly go down in the record books.

Here at Aha Media, we take time to reflect on the year in hospital ads in order to bring you the top commercials, as we’ve done since 2012. We look for commercials that show creativity, evoke emotion and look beyond the typical hospital walls.


Do you want to see our most recent list of top hospital commercials? Check out the 2020 winners:

top hospital commercials 2020

Here are the 10 best of the year 2016:

#10 Levine Children’s Hospital
We love this one for its genuine and homemade feel. “A hospital made for children. A commercial made by children.” Children, not actors, filmed the commercial and were featured as patients. You can even watch what went on behind the scenes.

#9 The Hospital of Central Connecticut
Each woman is different. But underneath those differences lies a shared need for a healthcare experience designed for women. This upbeat commercial celebrates our diversity while promising female-centric healthcare for all women. We dare you not to get up and dance.

#8 Wake Med Hospital
Actor Ira David Wood III uses his theater background to retell the dramatic story of his experience at Wake Med. “Thanks to them (the critical care experts at Wake Med), life gave me an encore.” A meaningful way to tie in celebrity and healthcare.

#7 Magee-Women’s Hospital of UPMC
Another example of celebrity and healthcare: Veronique, the wife of Marc-André Fleury, professional ice hockey player for the Pittsburgh Penguins, tells their story. As she explains why they gave birth at UPMC, we see scenes of Marc-Andre using his hockey skills to care for their infant daughter. With gentle humor, the commercial highlights the joy in giving birth, while emphasizing the UPMC/Pittsburgh connection.

#6 Doctors Hospital of Augusta
Katja Glieson, the recording artist, composed and sung the background song “Shooting Star,” chosen for the hospital’s video. Katja speaks about her struggle to be healthy. The commercial aired in July before the 2016 summer Olympics, promoting a strong message of health and wellness: “As we cheer on Team USA, let’s remember to #CelebrateEveryVictory.”

#5 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Duracell®
No child wants to be sick and alone in a hospital bed. This “Star Wars”-themed commercial highlights the power of hospitals to create an imaginative and inspirational environment for sick children. This creative partnership with Duracell® is guaranteed to make you smile.

#4 St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital
Ashley Morris, the wife of a soldier serving in Afghanistan, conveniently had her baby during her husband’s short leave from the military. She describes how she broke down crying on the day he left to return to his service. Her nurse didn’t leave her side, sitting right next to her as she wept. This tearjerker commercial ends with, “While mom held her baby, we held mom.”

#3 Mercy Kids (Mercy Children’s Hospital)
This commercial series features one child per commercial, highlighting the child’s medical needs and ending with the question, “How can we help your child today?” Adorable McKensi is featured in this commercial. Luka and Maebrie are featured in the other commercials, demonstrating that they care for “Every child. Every need. Every day.”

#2 MU Health Care 
This Super Bowl commercial takes a surprisingly long 15 seconds to let you know it’s about MU Health. But the questions it poses keep you watching and rooting for its hopeful conclusion. Check out their campaign: #YESFindsAWay.

#1 Perlmutter Cancer Center
This commercial highlights some of the most incredible technological advances that mankind has created “in our lifetime.” But what do we still need to accomplish? The NYU Langone Medical Center instills hope with the firm belief that they can cure cancer “in our lifetime.”

We look forward to a wonderful and peaceful 2017!

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