The best commercials of 2017 do more than sell a product or service: They make you feel things. Commercials can be humorous, poignant, evocative, inspiring or thoughtful. (And sometimes all of that.) They tell a powerful story – and do it in under a minute. Last year, we rounded up the 10 best commercials of 2017 specific to hospitals and health insurance companies, which you can see here:

For 2017, we combined the two. We looked for hospital and health insurance commercials that packed a punch, gave us a different perspective – and even left us wanting more.


Do you want to see the most recent list of top hospital commercials? Check out the 2020 winners.

Starting from #10, we present you with the 10 best hospital and health insurance ads of 2017:

#10 LifeSpan

You’ll nod in agreement at these scenes depicting “real” life: Those moments that are wondrous, exciting and miraculous – and those moments that are, well, less so. LifeSpan has a simple, ambitious goal for life: “It is our job to help you get as much out of it as you can.”

#9 Florida Hospital

This Florida Hospital ad illustrates the new direction of hospitals and health systems: It’s no longer about just treating illnesses – it’s a whole-person approach to wellness so you can realize all of your dreams. Featuring beloved local sports figures – and the adorable kids who hope to be like them, “someday.”

#8 Aetna

Find out why these (unseen) parents are thrilled that their daughter is staying out dancing, way past her bedtime. (Aetna’s health insurance has something to do with it.)

#7 Mayo Clinic Health System

It’s not often that watching a grown man climb stairs tugs at the heartstrings. Mayo Clinic makes its point in a short, simple ad, coming in at #7 in our list of best commercials of 2017.

#6 Henry Ford Health System

(We have a soft spot for these folks, an AMG client!) With a simple, upbeat whistle as the background music, viewers see all the ways that the caring providers at Henry Ford Health System make healthcare convenient and accessible for their patients.

#5 Gundersen Health System 

There’s no voiceover in this down-to-earth, affecting ad, part of Gundersen’s “Love + Medicine” campaign. Watching the interaction between a caring pediatrician and her patient (and the patient’s beloved toy) brings new meaning to “personalized medicine.”

#4 AHM Health Insurance

Oh, poor Glen. His first visit back to the gym in a while doesn’t go exactly as planned – luckily his AHM Insurance covers that. He makes our list as the fourth best commercial of 2017.

#3 UC Health

Keep your tissues handy for this one. UC Health tells the story of a mother and her teenage daughter facing a cancer diagnosis, together. (Spoiler alert: There’s a happy ending.)

#2 United Healthcare

No matter how your dad embarrassed you, he’s got nothing on this guy. In an entertaining ad that may cause some cringing, United Healthcare explains how you can get rewarded for all kinds of things.

#1 Cigna

OK we freely admit that we have a thing for Dr. McDreamy and his band of TV doctors. “TV Doctors of America” also won a spot in our list of best commercials of 2017. This year, the beautiful doctors talk hospital romance and the importance of yearly checkups.

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