So, which blog posts resonated with our audience? In 2018, the Aha Media team published 82 posts on our website. We covered everything from stakeholder interviews to crutch words to conversational writing, with a little Bruno Mars thrown in.

I’m constantly in awe of our team’s ideas and expertise. These marketing blogs are full of knowledge to share. If you didn’t catch our best digital marketing blogs this year, here’s your second chance.

This list of 10 rose to the top.

Happy reading!

Content Strategy & Content Marketing

  1. On with your work clothes, off with your social media channels – get more work-from-home advice from Say Yes to Getting Dressed – & 9 More Tips for Productivity When Working From Home.
  2. Don’t be “best” – find a more powerful way to get your point across, because Crutch Words, You Are Going Down!
  3. How to write content that strikes the right tone? Get the answer to What Is Conversational Writing? And How to Get It in Your Organization.
  4. Our writer uses Bruno Mars to explain blog writing in 6 Steps to Blog Writing Magic.
  5. If you’re looking to improve your writing, a New York Times column editor has some advice for you with Writing Tips from the Editor Who Rejects Everything.

Healthcare & Hospitals

  1. Connect with your audience and improve your storytelling with these 4 Ways to Make an Impact With Patient Stories.
  2. Prime for interviewing success with 3 Steps to Prep for Interviewing a Healthcare Stakeholder.
  3. Content marketers and parents: The job is never done. If you have kids, you may relate to these Ways Healthcare Marketing Is Like Parenting.
  4. See how important a convenient user experience is in I Love My Pediatrician, But Don’t Love Calling Her: Why the Customer Experience Matters.
  5. Interviewing a doctor or nurse is exciting. Make the most of your limited time while The Clock Is Ticking: 6 Steps for Getting the Most Out of Healthcare Stakeholder Interviews.

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