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4 Steps for Marketing Your Hospital-Branded App — With Examples!

You’ve successfully launched your hospital-branded app. Congrats! Now what? Now you gotta market it. Apps live in a separate universe […]

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How Ungating Our Content Increased Downloads by 102%

In January, I told my team about a bold decision: I wanted to ungate our healthcare content. We were in […]

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Make a Habit-Forming Hospital-Branded App: 10 Must-Have Functions

A hospital-branded app can make interacting with your organization as addictive as shopping on Amazon. (“Oh, I see my prescription […]

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Cheatsheet: Healthcare Service Line Content — Why Intent is Key to SEO Success

Before diving into SEO research, get into your potential patients’ headspace. That step will have a HUGE impact on whether […]

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5 Marketing Tips to Demystify Hospital Price Transparency for Consumers

Finally. You can find out the cost of an ultrasound BEFORE getting it, not 3 months later, buried in fine […]

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