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Say Yes to Getting Dressed – & 9 More Tips for Productivity When Working From Home

Can people who work from home be productive? After all, there’s no one around to keep you on task, and there are plenty of homemade distractions to interfere with work time. But many people who work from home say that not only can you be as productive as you would be in an office –… Read more

Learn to Define Like Ethan Hawke

When I was 18, I watched the movie, Reality Bites, about a group of recent college grads (the so-called Generation X) trying to establish a foothold in the world. Winona Ryder played the main character, Lelaina. At a job interview, her potential boss challenges her to define irony. And she can’t. Later in the movie,… Read more

Managing Content Projects with Success and Panache

So often in digital projects, we push content to the bottom of the pile, or the end of the timeline. As we evolve our strategies, we’re learning that content really needs to come first. At the Now What? Conference in Sioux Falls on April 30th, Ahava showed the audience how to avoid this problem and… Read more