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Category: Aha Media

The Difference Between Hiring a Freelance Digital Writer vs. Content Agency

Imagine this: You partner with a content agency. Google loves the content your healthcare brand is publishing. The positive results start generating. You’re happier. Your team is happier. Your boss is happier. You don’t have to revisit the project any time soon because the quality content lasts. It does what you need it to do…. Read more

Decoding 5 Common Business Acronyms

Lately, “business casual” isn’t a dress code to me. It’s a language. Ever since the invention of email, we’ve been trying to compress our communications. And so business acronyms were born. When you start a new job, the most important thing to learn is their abbreviated dialect. I remember when I started at Aha Media… Read more

Aha Media is Growing!

I’ve been at a lot of conferences this year. And the one thing I keep hearing is, “It looks like Aha Media is really growing.” Which I love hearing almost as much as, “Wow, I really enjoyed your presentation!” The world of digital is ever-changing — and even our team can struggle (sometimes) to keep up…. Read more

Content Magician: Marti Harris

Just call us the Dumbledores of content. Our wands are our laptops. Our magic potion is a good cup of coffee. And while we don’t cast spells, many consider our work spellbinding. We are the Content Magicians of Aha Media: The writers, editors and strategists who produce the content that works wonders. We’re excited to… Read more

How to Spur an 100% Increase in Online Donations

What if you could swap new web content as easily as you do clothes in your closet? (I took 2 teenage girls shopping this weekend, so I know it’s not the easiest thing in the world.) And what if that resulted in 100% increase in online donations and 252% increase in visitors? Read on to find out… Read more

Say Yes to Getting Dressed – & 9 More Tips for Productivity When Working From Home

Can people who work from home be productive? After all, there’s no one around to keep you on task, and there are plenty of homemade distractions to interfere with work time. But many people who work from home say that not only can you be as productive as you would be in an office –… Read more

What We Are Thankful For

I love this time of year. It’s time to make lists. But not the kind that need color-coded sticky notes and Sharpies. It’s more of a mental exercise. A list of all the things that I can be grateful for and a reminder to say thank you to the people who add blessing in my… Read more

How Content-ED Are You?

Recently, I’ve been signing my emails with “Hoping you’re Content-ED.” It’s cutesy—but with purpose. Content-ED is a new program we’re offering at Aha Media Group. It’s a 1:1 training program for content strategists, content marketers and other content professionals who need coaching and guidance to help navigate challenging content projects and issues. How it Works… Read more

Meet Our New Website

This spring we did something I thought was completely in our wheelhouse: We redesigned and rewrote Aha Media Group’s website. Rewriting a website? This is literally our day job. We got this in the bag. We often criticize clients for taking so long with content, but you know what? After we had a 3-month delay… Read more

What’s New at Aha Media?

I started Aha Media with the dream of being a freelance web writer who could work from home and spend more time with her kids. That was not what happened. Instead, we have grown into a firm of more than 35 writers, editors, project managers, account executives and leadership staff. And it’s because of YOU… Read more