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Talking About Stress for Patients with Cancer: 3 Tips

Aha Media Group writer Teri Cettina switched roles, from health copywriter to patient, when she was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer.  Many health systems seem to shy away from creating and promoting content about stress management and mental health. They shouldn’t. Patients who receive emotional as well as physical care often heal faster and… Read more

Top Hospital Commercials of 2019

All year, our team looks out for healthcare marketing ads that leave a lasting impression. Now, we’ve whittled down our list to the 10 best hospital commercials of the year. The Ingredients of the Top Hospital Commercials What makes a great healthcare ad? The secret ingredient is not screaming “I’m a hospital commercial!” We love… Read more

Study: How to Write the Best Physician Profiles [New Data]

Think beyond medical specialties and office locations: Your physician bios can be an integral part of your healthcare marketing strategy and even bring in new patients — if you do them right. As a healthcare marketer, you should craft a smart and efficient physician bio strategy by figuring out what patients want. Which is …… Read more

Creating Video Content? 4 Reasons to Consider Animation

Animation isn’t just for kids anymore. Although “animated videos” may conjure memories of munching on cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons, these types of videos help people understand more “grown up” topics such as vascular surgery and incision cleaning. You know how essential video marketing is for your organization, since users retain 95% of video… Read more

The 10 Best Hospitals on Instagram

A picture can be worth a thousand words — and followers — on Instagram. Is your hospital down with the ‘Gram? Surprisingly, some of the biggest hospitals today are missing the opportunity to achieve a promotional slam-dunk. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 hospitals you should be following — and how their strategies can help your organization become an Instagram rockstar, too.

The Top 10 Hospital Commercials of 2014

It’s that wonderful time of year again, when we look at the top hospital commercials. We gather these commercials by asking for people’s recommendations over Twitter and Facebook, as well as doing our own research using Google and YouTube. Every year (you can see 2012 and 2013), we look for the same things: Does the brand… Read more

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