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Tag: copywriting

Feeling Stuck? Move Forward Anyway

As a content strategist today, it’s easy to feel stuck. Our field keeps moving forward with new technologies like voice search and AI. Writers, editors and content strategists who are dealing with the “low-tech” end – communication, collaboration, creating copy – may feel left behind. In her closing keynote for Confab: The Content Strategy Conference,… Read more

7 SEO Tips for Your Content

For SEO, it’s not enough to simply say content is king. You must identify your audiences and keep them engaged. Answer their questions and meet their needs. And above all, provide them with unique, shareable experiences. You can’t stop there, though. Without a solid framework that meets the technical challenges of SEO, people may never… Read more

5 Things Taylor Swift Teaches Us About Effective Content

Taylor Swift knows her audience. Just look at her power: Yesterday Apple agreed with her Tumblr post that artists need to be paid when streaming music during the three-month free trial of their new music service, Apple Music. Now you may not be Taylor Swift, but there’s tons to learn from her about how to… Read more

5 Pediatrician Healthcare Blogs You Should Read

You don’t always remember to ask every question at your child’s check-up. When something comes up with your child and you’re looking for some answers, you don’t want to wait. That’s why it’s good to know you can go online and find an abundance of information from knowledgeable sources. Here are the pediatrician blogs you… Read more

Content Strategy: 10 Essential Elements of Style Guides

Content strategists love to wax poetic about style guides, mysterious and legendary, but the truth is they have been a communications tool way before our emerging discipline. What makes them like the Loch Ness Monster is that they lack consistent use. Since someone, once upon a time, did write the style guide to create consistency… Read more