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Medical-writer Turned Patient: Tips on Empathy in Content

Aha Media Group writer Teri Cettina switched roles, from health copywriter to patient, when she was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. I had just finished a project for a children’s hospital website. It was a tough job. After all, medical writing requires a delicate balance. We need to provide clear, useful information while conveying… Read more

How to Become a Better Writer in Just 5 Minutes a Day

At Aha Media, our team of experienced writers produces content that resonates with readers and converts them to customers. How do we become better writers? How do we hone our skills, keep our writing sharp and consistently turn out high-quality content? We write – often. We write, we write again, and we write some more…. Read more

Content Magician: Marti Harris

Just call us the Dumbledores of content. Our wands are our laptops. Our magic potion is a good cup of coffee. And while we don’t cast spells, many consider our work spellbinding. We are the Content Magicians of Aha Media: The writers, editors and strategists who produce the content that works wonders. We’re excited to… Read more

What is Conversational Writing? And How to Get It in Your Organization

Listen, bro, writing conversationally, is like, really hard. I mean, I want to slay it, gurl, but sometimes it’s just easier to use stiff English so it’s clear that I’m a professional communicator with a graduate degree and a working knowledge of bigly words. So how do you define conversational content in your organization? A few… Read more

Why Your Power Content is The Most Important

Recently, I was discussing how to rewrite 4,000 pages of a website with a potential client. We talked about which pages are strategically important and which ones might be sunset. For me, the No.1 priority was to rewrite the power content. What is power content? Power content is what converts your users into customers. There’s a… Read more

How to Make Your Content Have an Impact

Recently, a donor sent $1,000 check – unsolicited – to one of our clients, a foundation researching a rare genetic disease. Here’s what the donors said: “My husband and I scoured the internet, reading everything we could many times (to discover if our infant grandson has this disease). The information on your website was so informative… Read more

5 Ways a 100-Mile Bike Ride is Like Content Writing

This summer, I completed my first century, which is a 100-mile bike ride. I normally ride with friends or my husband, but this time, I was on my own. With a long road ahead and no one to talk to, my mind shifted to work, and I noticed a lot of similarities between riding and… Read more

Passive Voice Should Be Avoided By You

We all have that friend who just cannot tell a story. You know the one I’m talking about, right? Every time this friend starts a tale, a cold shiver of dread runs through you. The action falls flat, you can’t tell who is doing what, and every sentence feels unremarkable. You nod and smile, mentally… Read more

How Baking Cakes Can Improve Your Content

A former boss once told me that you should approach every project as though you’ve been asked to bring a cake to a special event. Are you going to pick up a sheet cake from your local grocery store? Or will you ask the host if anyone has an allergy, research the perfect recipe, carefully… Read more

7 SEO Tips for Your Content

For SEO, it’s not enough to simply say content is king. You must identify your audiences and keep them engaged. Answer their questions and meet their needs. And above all, provide them with unique, shareable experiences. You can’t stop there, though. Without a solid framework that meets the technical challenges of SEO, people may never… Read more